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Catalencoder convert an MPEG2 (VOB) video format to XviD
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Catalencoder is a free open source application that basically encodes your DVD files into AVI, so that you can burn your movies using CD-R discs. This tool rips not only the video and the audio of the DVD source, but will also add a subtitle stream if available in the original disc. Designed to make both the novice and the experienced user happy, all defaulted parameters are customizable.

Catalencoder will rip all the necessary streams (video, audio, and subtitles) from any DVD to create as many AVI files as needed to fit the whole movie into the exact number of CD-R discs. The program first de-multiplexes the video and audio streams. You can select any language available in the DVD, and also AC3 or MP3 as the output audio format. Finally, Catalencoder will multiplex the resulting media files and will create as many AVI files as needed to fit the number of CDs specified by the user.

For the inexperienced user, Catalencoder will automatically default all options to the best settings possible. For those who like selecting their own parameters, the application offers a wide range of possibilities to customize all the settings for both audio and video (quality level, bit rates, codecs used, screen size, and many more).

Francisco Martínez
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  • Suitable for both novice and experienced users


  • Though a number of languages are supported, English translation is not complete, and some screens are still only available in French
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